Hello, I'm Agustín Figueroa, game developer from La Rioja, Argentina. I’ve been a web developer since 2006 but my true passion has always been gaming. Since then, I’ve developed small browser-based games using PHP, JS, HTML, CSS and MySQL but everything changed when I switched to Unity 7 years ago.

I’m passionate about RPGs. so, naturally, I’ve gone over the deep-end into skill mechanics, items, stats interactions and questlines. I’ve very experienced in online server-client connection, since I’ve been continuously developing an browser-based mmorpg for the past 15 years.

I'm a problem solver, I relish in fixing broken code and finding novel solutions to unique problems, just like “The Wolf”.



Web Developing Back-end


Web Developing Front-end

Basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Frameworks & Technologys

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript And XML - Using JSON
Using WebSocket Experience
Using GitHub Repositories Experience

Database Structure and Design


Game Engines


Desktop Programing Languages


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Machines Have Won

Action 3d first person shooter in an apocalyptic future using Unity

In the year 3500, a bleak and desolate world stands as a testament to the devastating power of nuclear warfare. Machines, once created to serve humanity, have evolved far beyond their original purpose. They have gained sentience, amassed power, and ultimately turned against their creators. The planet is now a scorched wasteland, with ruins of cities and a perpetual toxic storm covering the horizon.

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Synthwave Killer

Action 3d game third person using Unity

Retro game for fun

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Action RPG Game using Unity

I designed and developed an inventory system with item sockets that can contain skills and skill effects. I’ve also implemented an “item fitting” mechanic that allows players to place items in the inventory as long as they fit in the available slots.

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This is Overpower

Game using Unity

Player has to survive 10 min of enemy waves, where character grow over time with options to get more powerful

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Dark Box

Dark Box, Horror Game with Unity

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Game using Unity

RPG with text, invenory managment, skills and other actions. Made for a gameJam "Tu juego a juicio Jam 2021"
I only work on the programming part, other person do all the art.

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Game using Unity

Game commissioned by the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of native culture. I joined this project team late in the development cycle as lead programmer, The game was heavily delayed and was at risk of missing the deadline. I fixed the loading and dialog systems, I made the project finish in time.

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Game for Game Jam using Unity and Mixamo

Developed in less than a week. I collaborated with a 3D/graphic designer to develop this entry in the Weekly Game Jam.

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Imperio Izi Online

RPG Online Game built in Unity

Online Rpg using a Socket.Io server together with PHP and MYSQL to handle user accounts and authentication.

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CyberNisman 147

FPS Game built in Unity

Online FPS using socket.io to share data server-client. Experimented with a “growth mechanic” in which every player would progressively grow in size as long as they aren’t hit, and would shrink as they get shot..

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Spin To Win

Game using Unity

Implemented procedural map generation, rooms are automatically generated after and the previous room objective is cleared.

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Simple platformer built in Unity

Implemented physics, camera movements, and mechanics like changing your character’s color to match the platforms’ colors to avoid falling.

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Barbakhan Quest

Game using HTML & jQuery

Pixel Art Desing by Cesar Gozurreta

Use KeyBoard Arrows to Move & SPACE to Attack

Enemys System: each map introcude new enemys to kill.
Power Ups System: You can find hearts to get more lifes or swords to improve your attacks
Level System: If you kill all enemys you go to next level until the final boss.
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SelfPlay RPG Mobile

Mobile Idle Rpg built in Unity

Easy to play mobile rpg with characters, stats, items and skills.

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Mr. Sausage vs The Zomcats

SideScroll Game using Unity 2018

Collaboration with a musician and graphic designer for a local community event.

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Battle For Embolia

Browser-based game using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySql DataBase, PHP Going strong since 2006

Lenguaje: Spanish.
Registration System: you have to register to play.
Full Inventory System: you can Enchant, trade with other players, items. Over 400 in-game items
Blacksmith System: You can craft items with materials that you get on drop/quest.
Skill Tree System: When you level-up, you can get skills for your character.
Aura/Buff System: You can apply buffs on yourself or other party members.
Map & Level System: Interactive map, select a location and enter a world inhabited by monsters to kill for loot.
Combat System: When you target an enemy you can use skills to damage it.
Adventure System: You can complete a dungeon to unlock Passive Skills.
Clan System: You can create, join and manage clans.
Pet System: You can have pets.
Party System: You can join your friend and share exp/drops
Siege System: There are three castles that clans can take over by fighting with other clans.
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